Рублевская палитра

природные пигменты, краски, материалы для художников иконописцев и реставраторов








The "UGGA" is the Russian manufacturer of a number of high quality pigments used in paintirtg. For those painters, who prefer preparing paints themselves, we offer thin-dispersive dry pigments. Our pigments can be used for all types of artistic paints, frescos, encaustics. Pigments for the consumer market are manufactured in plastic jars. - stability in various environments - brightness and purity of colors - high lightfastness - high dispersibility - the neutrality of qualities allows to make mixtures of any color or tint. - ilron oxide pigments with high lightfastness, weather resistance, alkalis and diluted acids resistance - pigments with high glazing capacity can be used for colouring wood safing its texture, metal surfaces (effect of golden glance) - pigments with high heat resistance can be used for colouring plastics, for production of heat-resistant paints and enamels and various building materials Also "UGGA" manufacturer of the natural pigment (raw) for production art material.

тел/факс +7 (495) 715-56-38, 8-916-536-84-99  e-mail: Cgga@yandex.ru